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7 Best Wholesale B2B Online Marketplaces for Ecommerce Businesses in 2024


Where to find good wholesalers is a big headache for online and physical shops that really want to save from bulk orders.

Luckily, the internet has got just the right prescription for that headache! There are many good b2b online marketplaces websites or business portals in India that aggregate verified sellers to ensure you get to connect with dependable sources of high-quality goods that will stock your shelves.

Websites like those can save you from the headache of searching through loads of wholesalers for whom it is hard to tell whether they can be trusted.

What is a Wholesale supplier?

A wholesale supplier refers to a company that buys large quantities of products from manufacturers and then sells those products to retail businesses. They are, therefore, the all-important point between such manufacturers and small business proprietors. Rather than a shop, their business is the supply of other retailers’ merchandise so that the retailers can sell to end customers.

How Does Wholesale Business Work?

Want to increase the profit of your store? Well, wholesale sourcing can help! You buy products in bulk from your suppliers; that is, wholesalers who offer them to you at a discount. You find these wholesalers on online marketplaces (b2b websites India) or Bulk Deals Directories that list bulk deals for retailers like you. You can buy all your items cheaper, adding mark up on each sale to earn a profit.

How We can Pick the Best Wholesale Websites

Picking the best B2B website can be a tedious task, but we have done a comprehensive study and thus simplified it for you. Here are a few methods that we can use.

  • Mega Choice:

We can crawl leading wholesale websites to bring vast catalogs of millions of quality items across categories.

  • Informed Choices:

Reviews and supplier feedback help make better buying decisions.

  • Online wholesale directories and wholesale marketplaces:

In the recent years, online wholesale directories have become quite popular channel to target specific industries. These directories can either be free or may have a minimal cost.

Key features of wholesale business

Key features of wholesale business

A wholesale business is quite different in many respects from a distribution and retail business.

  • Bulk Purchasing:

Wholesalers buy goods in large volumes directly from the manufacturers or distributors. They can get lower prices because the manufacturers offer big discounts for large purchases.

  • Resale to Retailers:

This is where wholesalers act as middle people between the producers and retailers. These purchase at a discounted price and sell to the retailers who sell the products to the end consumers.

  • Business-to-Business Wholesaling:

It mainly comprises of business-to-business type of transactions where the products are sold to other businesses rather than being sold directly to the final consumer.

  • Warehousing and Distribution:

The goods that wholesalers purchase are generally stored in their own warehouses. They maintain the inventory and deliver it efficiently to their customers through retail businesses.

  • High Sales Volume:

Wholesale businesses rely on keeping profitability over a high volume of sales as their profit margins are verbalized as lower than those of the retail businesses.

  • Industry Diversity:

A wholesale dealer sources products from nearly every industry, for example, electronics, garments, food items, automotive, etc. Again, within each industry, there can be wholesale dealers specializing in certain types of products.

  • Customer Relationships:

Wholesale dealers have to pay proper attention to establishing good relationships with the retailers. They work hard at understanding their client base and work out the best deals in terms of price and service to ensure that the business is on-going.

How to procure goods from B2B portals?

B2B portals

Knowing about the B2B procurement procedure would assist in enhanced effectiveness and transparency, which is greatly needed in all B2B portals in India. It streamlines the purchasing process among organizations. These methods help market places to experience a smooth e-commerce journey. Let’s have a closer look at how this can be achieved.

  • Documents Required

As an online seller, you need only the GST certificate to procure goods. This is quite necessary for getting the input GST credit against your purchases.

  • Product Quotation

You must seek a detailed quotation from your shortlisted vendors. It must include the price of the products, terms of payments, delivery schedules and any other necessary details.

Once you are done with the selection of the niche, you need to start choosing the suppliers from a range of B2B portals in India. It is advisable to ask for samples from at least five vendors. You may be charged for samples by some of the suppliers, so you need to place the order of the samples wisely.

  • Quality Check

When you get samples from your vendors, examine them well. When your customers start using the product, you also use the product for at least a month to know the user experience and know the quality of the product at the customer’s end.

  • Price Negotiation

When you believe a product from a vendor is up to your mark, discuss the price. Keep the second-best vendor in your backup in case the first one fails or does not meet the deadline. You keep back-up vendors so that you do not run out of stock.

  • Purchase Order(PO) Request

Raise a PO request and raise an invoice from your selected vendor. Make sure that all the terms and conditions should be mentioned in this PO.

  • Order Placement

Clear the invoice as per the agreed payment terms. Make sure that all types of monetary transactions are well documented for later reference.

  • Delivery & Final Quality Check

Request your vendor to send you the shipping information of the order. Once you receive the shipment, do a final quality analysis where randomly check pieces of the batch for them all to match and be as per the desired level of quality.

  • Ongoing Vendor Relationship

Maintain a healthy relationship with your vendors with feedback and prompt dispute resolution. Through regular communication, it is possible to negotiate better terms and reliable supply chains for your online business.

Best Wholesale Websites in India

Best Wholesale Websites in India

These B2B websites India are great solutions for sourcing popular low-cost products to sell among Indian sellers.

Here are our best recommendations for the best business portals in India.

Just Procure

Just Procure B2B MarketPlace

Just Procure – India best B2B portal where a buyer will get the finest, high-grade quality products at very good prices. Their real-time negotiation feature will help you save big with every purchase. With a user-friendly interface and vast categories, it easily becomes the first site you want to bulk shop from.

Trade India

trade india

TradeIndia is a b2b market place in India similar to Indiamart, founded in 1996, with over 20 million shoppers per month and thousands of products in multiple niches like health and beauty, electronics, fashion, home appliances, and more. Of course, with the help of the request-feature, you can really quickly place a request and have offers from lots of suppliers.

Exporters India

exporters india

ExportersIndia is a B2B wholesale market place created to link buyers, sellers, and exporters. The website user interface is more or less like other Indian wholesale markets. You’ll find here items of a vast range of categories, and you can post your “Buy Requirement” to get quotes from several suppliers.



There is an Indian wholesaler, Wholesalebox that has its prime focus on things in the fashion niche. Here, you can find men’s and women’s clothing like ethnic wear, footwear, kidswear, dress material, and boutique clothing. To complement the wholesale offers, some of the suppliers on the site do offer dropshipping services.



Moglix is a website which caters to the needs of industrial tools. Any kind of business – if it needs tools, hardware, and industrial equipment – can go for Moglix. It’s a place where you get competitive prices for a wide range of products, which ensures the quality and efficiency of industrial procurement.

India Mart


IndiaMart is one of the largest B2B portals in India that meets all your procurement needs. It contains millions of products and hundreds of categories. With millions of sellers and a robust platform, IndiaMart facilitates smooth transactions and connections between buyers and suppliers.

Wrapping Up

Sourcing the right suppliers is a giant leap towards the success of your online or physical store. Every b2b marketplace in India has its features, products, and also its way of getting connected to reliable suppliers who shall keep on enhancing your inventory.
It is important to remember that your brand name and customer satisfaction level will depend on the quality of your stuff and customer satisfaction.

B2B Online Marketplaces FAQ:

  • What is a B2B marketplace?

A B2B marketplace is an online platform where companies transact with one another for goods and services. It can be a website, software or an online directory which facilitates commercial exchanges between member businesses.

What are the merits of using a wholesale B2B marketplace for eCommerce businesses?

Wide range of products: User gets access to multiple suppliers at a centralized platform.

Worldwide reach: It offers opportunities to purchase products from vendors across the world and explore new markets.

Scalability: It is easier to widen operations by purchasing larger quantities from B2B portals and also have a wider range of products.

  • How do I find reliable suppliers on these platforms?

To ensure quality and reliability, there is a need to look for verified B2B suppliers that meet reliability standards. Focusing on reviews and ratings also help to gauge the supplier’s reliability. Moreover, asking for product samples provide insights to access quality of the products.

  • Are there any risks associated with using B2B marketplaces?

Yes, there are potential risks associated with operating in B2B marketplaces. Some of them can be product quality concerns, negotiation difficulties, order fulfilment failure and language barriers. Additionally, differences in the method of business processing can also hamper this process.

  • What makes Just Procure a top choice for wholesale B2B transactions?

Just Procure is the first preference for wholesale B2B transactions, as their services are tailored according to the needs of business. It provides reasonable prices and bulk discounts. With its simplified user interface and excellent logistics support, it helps the customers to make informed decisions.

  • What payment methods are typically accepted on B2B marketplaces?

There are a variety of reliable payment methods that can be chosen. Most popular among them are bank debits, credit and debit cards and online payment systems such as PayPal. Other methods may include Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments and wire transfers. All of these methods provide a reliable and secure method of payment.

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